The Armada 25 (left) and the slightly bigger, higher-res Armada 27 (right). | Image: HyperX

HyperX is expanding into monitors with the announcement of two models designed for gamers who want a minimalist desk setup. The most unique thing about these monitors is that they each include a desk mount and versatile monitor arm, which let you customize exactly how you want to arrange the display on your desk. (Not to mention, the lack of a traditional stand means you won’t lose much desk space.) You can orient the monitor horizontally or twist it 90 degrees for a taller view.

The 25-inch 1080p Armada 25 and the 27-inch QHD Armada 27 coming in September aren’t far apart in price, costing $449 and $499, respectively. Both seem like a great deal considering they include monitor arms, which typically sell for around $100 or more. Apart…

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