iHeartLand is a virtual event center for concerts, created by… well, iHeartMedia, funnily enough. | Image: iHeartMedia

Radio juggernaut iHeartMedia is launching its own dedicated space in Fortnite to host events and concerts. The virtual park, which has been given the rather obnoxious name of iHeartLand, is being developed using the game’s creative mode and will feature several different areas.

The park includes a main stage called State Farm Park (in collaboration with, you guessed it, insurance company State Farm), mini-games, and a digital “headquarters” for iHeartMedia. The mini-games could change as the park evolves, but the handful that will be featured on launch day include car racing, an obstacle course, and a building game.

The State Farm Park virtual stage features a massive screen for watching performances

The headquarters itself includes a…

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