Google loses the first round in its fight to overturn record-breaking EU fine
Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
The European Commission filed a record-breaking €4.3 billion antitrust fine against Google.
While the judges did find some faults in the regulator’s analysis, they upheld a majority of the group’s argument.
The fine was dropped from €4.3 billion to €4.1 billion.

In Google’s first fight to overturn a record-breaking €4.3 billion (~$4.3 billion) antitrust fine submitted by the European Commission, judges sided largely in favor of the European Commission. However, the judges decided to drop the fine from €4.3 billion to €4.1 billion.

In 2018, the European Commission accused Google of participating in illegal behavior that helped the company establish the dominance of its search engine. The European Commission argues:


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