Could the disc / digital divide be on its way out? | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

The next revision of the PlayStation 5 could include a removable disc drive, potentially letting you play games using a drive connected via USB-C, according to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming. The report says that we could see this new model of PS5 around September 2024.

The PS5 currently comes in two versions: one with a disc drive built in and a “Digital edition” that can’t read discs, even if you plug a USB drive into it. It sounds like Sony’s trying to do away with that digital / disc divide, instead selling the same console with or without the drive bundled in. Hopefully, this means that you’ll be able to upgrade the console with a disc drive later on, even if you opted to save some money when you first bought the PS5 — that option…

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