Get ready to bid farewell to Google Reminders
Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
Google has announced that it will be updating Google Workspace.
As part of the update, Google will be migrating Google Assistant and Calendar Reminders into Google Tasks.
The update will only affect Google Workspace users for now.

If you’re someone who uses Google Workspace and relies on Google Calendar Reminders to create and view reminders, then you’ll be in for a bit of a surprise soon. A new update to Google Workspaces will be migrating the feature into Google Tasks.

Google has announced today that it is introducing a change that will migrate Google Assistant and Calendar Reminders into Google Tasks. What this means is all of your reminders will now be converted into to-dos that you’ll be able to find in Google Tasks. While Workspace users will still be able to create tasks in their Calendar, everything will be moved to Google Tasks so it can all be found in a single place.


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