Volvo’s Concept Recharge, released in 2021, is meant to preview the upcoming EX90 SUV. | Image: Volvo

Volvo announced that it will unveil its new flagship electric vehicle, the EX90 SUV, on November 9th. The EX90 is meant to replace the company’s current flagship, the gas-powered XC90 SUV, as Volvo transitions to an all-electric car manufacturer by 2030.

In the run-up before the announcement, the Swedish automaker teased a number of interesting features, including long-range lidar and in-car sensors to detect when a driver may be distracted or intoxicated.

The new technology, some of which will come standard in the vehicle, is designed to boost Volvo’s reputation for safety at a time when the auto industry is leaning more on high-powered sensors and AI-powered software to prevent fatal traffic collisions.

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