Zoom Rooms will work with Google Meet devices, and Google Meet will work in Zoom Rooms — simple, right? | Image: Google

Google is trying to spread its Meet videoconferencing software to more devices and to make the hardware meant for Meet more compatible with Zoom. On Wednesday, the company announced that its enterprise version of Meet will be coming to devices running Android, where it’s traditionally run on ChromeOS.

The latter change will start with devices from Poly and Logitech, but let’s back up a second here because I know there are probably a few of you thinking something along the lines of “what do you mean, ChromeOS? Isn’t Meet just an app on my phone, or a website I can visit, or a tab in Gmail, or… ?” And the answer is yes, but for enterprise users, it’s even more. For years, the company has been selling dedicated Google Meet hardware for…

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