A full recharge in the time in takes to watch a few TikToks. | Image: Xiaomi

Xiaomi subsidiary Redmi has just announced its new Note 12 lineup headed by the Note 12 Discovery Edition, a midrange smartphone that supports its 210W HyperCharge fast charging standard. That’s enough wattage to fully charge the phone’s 4,300mAh battery in just nine minutes. Put the handset on to charge and hop into the shower, and the phone’s battery will likely be completely replenished before you’ve had a chance to towel yourself off.

In recent years, there’s been fierce competition to offer faster and faster charging speeds for mobile phones. Xiaomi offered 120W fast charging on its 11T Pro handset last year, before competitor Oppo announced its own 150W SuperVOOC standard. Arguably we’ve quickly reached a point of diminishing…

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