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Welcome to the 456th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week.

India fined Google roughly $162 million for anti-competitive practices. It’s very similar to the EU fine back in 2018. Google uses its dominance to force OEMs to preinstall apps that keep people from seeking alternatives. We love Android around these parts, but it’s difficult to defend them when it comes to stuff like this. Hit the link for more details.
Samsung’s phone cameras got a bit better this week. The first is Samsung introducing a multiple exposure mode and an astrophotography mode. Those were introduced in Samsung’s Expert RAW app. The second is a new Good Lock module, Camera Assistant, which lets you customize the standard camera app. The two links will tell you more about each.
In addition, Samsung also announced that it was bringing more emojis to the company’s smartphones. The Android 13 One UI 5 update coming to phones is finally providing support for Unicode 14, which will add 138 new emojis to Samsung phones. Hit the link to learn more.
An Apple executive talked about iMessage on Android this week. He referred to it as a throwaway endeavor that would’ve hindered innovation. In essence, he claimed that Apple wouldn’t be able to deliver a good product if it had to support Android. We still think it’s because fewer people would be iPhones, but it is what it is.
Material You has been out for about a year now, and we looked to see how developers were faring. It’s been a bit slow, and much slower than when Material Design first came out. However, we are surprised to see some apps, like Spotify, adopting some features. You can hit the link to learn more.

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