Jason Voorhees’ iconic hockey mask. | Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s been 13 years since Warner Bros.’ last Friday the 13th slasher feature hit theaters, made a bunch of money, and then never led to the sequel many fans expected would follow soon after. Though we may never know what might have come from a sequel to that 2009 film, Bryan Fuller has an idea or two about what Jason Voorhees has been up to in the distant past that’s set to be explored in a new “expanded prequel” series for Peacock.

Peacock announced today that Fuller has signed on to write, showrun, and executive produce Crystal Lake, a new Friday the 13th series from A24.

In a press release about the new show, Fuller reminisced about how he first became familiar with the Friday the 13th franchise as a kid while reading an issue of F…

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