Here’s how much of the US allegedly has access to fiber internet. There’s a lot of white and gray. | Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

We’ve shown yourepeatedly, both with data and anecdotally — that the internet is broken in the United States. We pay more for less and deal with lots of bullshit. And one huge reason is that the wolves guard the henhouse. The FCC has relied on internet service providers themselves to truthfully say which houses they cover, data that the FCC didn’t audit.

So if you think internet access is important, do every like-minded person a favor: type your address into the FCC’s long-awaited new broadband maps and see if internet service providers are lying about offering coverage to your home. If so, hit the little “Availability Challenge” button and submit your proof.

Today, the FCC has finally put the first “pre-production draft” version of…

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