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Welcome to the 459th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

Google is paying out a $392 million settlement after a lawsuit. The lawsuit says that Google continued to track users even after they opted out of location tracking. Not only is Google paying that money, but they must better express to their users that location tracking still happens even if they opt-out. Hit the link to learn more.
You can finally message yourself on WhatsApp. The app lets you message yourself anything you want to send. This is a neat way to message yourself reminders, files to share across your devices, and other things. The rollout started on version 22.23.74 on iOS and version on Android. However, the rollout is in stages, so it’s not available to everyone just yet.
The Android Auto public beta for its new UI opened up twice in the last week. The first was late last week and then again a few days ago. Android Auto’s new beta includes a new UI along with some other features. Beta users are reporting some bugs here and there, but that is to be expected. We only recommend signing up if you’re okay with being a beta tester.
Netflix is giving people more ways to manage their accounts. This week, the company announced a new feature that lets you boot specific devices off of your account. There was already a feature to boot all devices off of an account. This new variant lets you just boot one. It’s a nice way to get moochers off your account, but it has other practical uses too.
Over the last week, Twitter has been a dumpster fire between Elon Musk’s changes and people’s reactions to the changes. However, there is some comedy to be had. Our own Ryan McNeal rounded up some of the funnier tweets from parody accounts. Some of them were surprisingly realistic too.

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