Some of the top-of-the-line robot vacuums are seeing their first big price cuts this holiday shopping season. | Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy

‘Tis the season to find some serious bargains on smart home gear. Black Friday and its close cousin, Cyber Monday, have long been prime times to nab a deal on smart lighting, smart locks, robot vacuums, security cameras, and smart speakers, to name just a few.

With the new smart home standard Matter on the horizon (yes, it is technically here, but there still are very few devices you can actually buy), it’s worth being a bit discerning in your bargain shopping if you plan to take advantage of the new interoperability protocol. (Which means if you want all your devices to work with all the different smart home platforms out of the box). So, we’ve highlighted deals on gadgets that will work with Matter or, if not, gadgets that work with…

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