If I were shopping for deals today, I’d buy this Roborock vacuum in an instant

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

As I write this article, my Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra vacuum is roaming around the kitchen picking up dust and mopping the floors. All I had to do was tell my Google Nest Audio to “clean the house,” and off it went, while I continued frantically tapping keys at my desk. Did I empty its dust bin or attach its mop or fill its water compartment before doing that? No. Did I do any of that in the past week? Hah, of course not! I didn’t touch it at all in 10 days because that’s the beauty of the all-singing all-dancing Ultra dock. It does everything. E.ve.ry.thin.g.

I didn’t buy this particular unit, it was sent to me for testing about seven months ago by Roborock — perks of the job, eh? But if I were on the lookout for a robot vacuum or a Black Friday 2022 deal today, this would be an instant buy for me. No questions asked. It is worth every one of its 105,999-penny ($1059,99) price. Yes, it costs as much as a used car, even discounted, but it is life-changing.


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