Illustration by Micha Huigen / The Verge

Disney Plus is my favorite streaming service. It lets me indulge my Broadway passions (Hamilton, West Side Story), revisit my childhood (Bambi, Snow White), and catch up on the complicated worlds of Star Wars and MCU. It’s also the easiest way for my son to indulge his Jessie and Liv & Maddie habits, thanks to its endless catalog of Disney Channel shows.

But the main reason you’ll have to pry my Disney Plus subscription (which I get free through Verizon) from my cold, dead hands (at least until my kids go to college) is that it’s Disney. It’s the one family-friendly streaming service that actually has anything decent to watch. From the latest Pixar to the newest take on MCU to shorts (so many great shorts) to (another) action-packed S…

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