Apple’s mixed reality headset could have a waist-mounted battery
Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority
A report has revealed new details about Apple’s unannounced mixed reality headset.
The headset could feature a waist-mounted battery, magnetically attachable custom prescription lenses, and more.
The headset may not work well with third-party Bluetooth headphones.

Although it has yet to be announced, Apple’s mixed-reality headset is one of the company’s most anticipated upcoming products. Despite a few leaks, there hasn’t been a whole lot of information about the project to grab onto. However, a report has given us some new details about the device.

A detailed report from The Information has revealed that Apple’s mixed reality headset includes some features not seen on mass-market headsets. These features include a waist-mounted battery pack, small motors to automatically adjust its lenses, a physical dial to switch between VR and the real world, and technology to make its AirPods Pro work better with the headset.


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