Intel’s 13th-gen mobile processor delivers the first 24-core laptop CPU
Credit: Kris Carlon / Android Authority
Intel has unveiled the new Core i9-13980HX.
The new laptop CPU offers 24 cores and a speed of 5.6GHz.
Intel has also revealed the rest of its 13th-gen lineup as well.

Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs launched for desktops back in September 2022. Now Intel is bringing the power of its 13th-gen CPUs to laptops through its mobile processor line.

According to Engadget, Intel has revealed its Core i9-13980HX. The Core i9-13980HX sits at the top of the company’s mobile processor lineup, offering 24 cores and a speed of 5.6GHz. This would make it the first laptop CPU to ever support a 24-core configuration.


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