If you told me this was a stylish monitor, I might just believe you. | Image: Lenovo

Lenovo’s Yoga AIO 9i doesn’t look like a traditional all-in-one computer: the 31.5-inch 4K screen attached to it has relatively small bezels, giving it an all-screen look; it’s held aloft by what looks like a bent copper tube; and it’s also not that easy to spot the actual computer part, as it’s hidden in a base that could conceivably just be the bottom of a traditional monitor.

The company says the AIO is designed “with creatives in mind” and that, if you connect a laptop to it, you’ll be able to both control your mobile device with the desktop’s keyboard and mouse and charge it as well. It’ll start at $1,799.99 when it becomes available in Q3.

Like many other AIOs that focus on having a nice design, the 9i uses laptop components. In…

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