Two screens in landscape orientation make a Yoga Book 9i in portrait orientation, and two screens in portrait orientation make a Yoga Book 9i in landscape orientation. Okay, I think I need to sit down now. | Image: Lenovo

Dual monitor setups are great and all, but how about dual screens in a strangely tall laptop? Lenovo is here to answer that, as it’s announcing the Yoga Book 9i laptop at CES — the first laptop with dual OLED displays.

This device is part laptop, part tablet, and all quirks. It comes with a removable keyboard that can be positioned in a few different ways: it can be attached to the front of the laptop with the two screens stacked vertically, attached to the front with the two screens spread open like a book, or placed on top of the lower screen for use like a slightly more typical laptop.

I say slightly because using the keyboard this way either means a keyboard in the front setup like the Asus Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED or sliding it…

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