Drake shows off all the cool stuff, including a solid gold PSP-1000 that used to be owned by Pharrell Williams. | Image: UMG

Drake dropped a new music video this week for his song “Jumbotron Shit Poppin,” and he’s playing with a classic PSP in it. But it’s not just any PSP; this is a real gold-shelled one that was, until recently, owned by Pharrell Williams (via Kotaku).

The custom PSP-1000 was sold on Pharrell’s auction site, Joopiter, in November for nearly $20,000. According to the listing, its case is made of 14-karat solid gold that weighs 659.7 grams and was personally commissioned by the NERD member in 2008 to complement his gold BlackBerry. Pharrell tweeted last year that selling his jewelry and other belongings (including a gold BlackBerry) was about setting himself free “for the beginning of a new era.”

The end of an era for Pharrell is apparently…

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