Roku Express (2022) review: All aboard the Roku Express?

The cost of streaming subscriptions can add up fast, so finding a budget device to access them is always a relief. For those who don’t want to break the bank, the Roku Express series is an affordable way to dive into the streaming space, with Roku’s platform offering access to all of the major services. Like other Roku devices, the Express offers a simple UI plus plenty of free channels. As with previous Express models, the 2022 edition is the perfect small size to take on the go, but how does the bare-bones approach compare to the latest competition? Find out in our Roku Express (2022) review.

Roku Express HD (2022)
About this Roku Express (2022) review: I tested the Roku Express (2022) over a period of three weeks. It was running Roku OS 11.5 as of the September 2022 update. The unit was purchased by Android Authority for this review.

What you need to know about the Roku Express (2022)


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